Esther änd Dominik ar going tu Niusiländ. Änd hir is sö pleis tu ried all sö sings dät dei häf egspiriensd. Fönni storis, brefteiking ädwentschörs änd matsch mor. Iur komments ar wellkom of kors!

Donnerstag, Mai 15, 2008

Dear New Zealand

Thanks a lot for the last two years. It's been an awesome time and we really, really liked every minute of it. Who would have thought that we will fall in love and that saying goodbye will be so painful. We love your sky, your air and your people. Be assured, we will come back. We're hooked.

You might not know it, but in fact you have changed us. For the better. We smile towards strangers, we embrace the unknown and we feel light like a feather.

We are truly humbled that we had the opportunity to meet so many new friends and are just amazed how they all welcomed us into their hearts. We sincerely hope that the friendships that we forged here last forever and we will never forget you.

We miss you already,

Esther & Dominik

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Anonymous Anonym said...

Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2008, 09.15 Uhr,
2 5 ' 5 5 6 !


Anonymous mai said...

Gute Reise! Gute Reise! Gute Reise!


Anonymous april said...

Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2008, 21.00 Uhr,
2 5'5 8 1 !


Blogger Sandro said...

Hey mitenand!
Ich hoff d Heimreis isch ohni beschwerde xi...
Chömme ihr uns emol cho bsueche?
Mir hend en "super tolle" Mathelehrer. Mir hends gschafft, dass alli Klasseschnitt i dem Joor ungnüegend xi sind!
LG Sandro


Anonymous april said...

Mittwoch, 21. Mai 2008, 09.56 Uhr,
25'720 !

214 Süchtige!



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